December 26 Birthdays

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December 26th, 1995 (December 26 1995)BirthZach Mills, American actor
December 26th, 1990 (December 26 1990)BirthAaron Ramsey, Welsh footballer
December 26th, 1987 (December 26 1987)BirthAdam Walker, British flautist
December 26th, 1985 (December 26 1985)BirthYuu Shirota, Japanese Idol
December 26th, 1984 (December 26 1984)BirthAlex Schwazer, Italian race walker
December 26th, 1982 (December 26 1982)BirthKenneth Darby, National Football League player
December 26th, 1982 (December 26 1982)BirthOguri Shun, Japanese Actor/Model
December 26th, 1980 (December 26 1980)BirthTodd Dunivant, American soccer player
December 26th, 1979 (December 26 1979)BirthChris Daughtry, American singer
December 26th, 1979 (December 26 1979)BirthFabian Carini, Uruguayan footballer
December 26th, 1979 (December 26 1979)BirthMzbel, Ghanaian singer
December 26th, 1979 (December 26 1979)BirthDimitry Vassiliev, Russian ski jumper
December 26th, 1978 (December 26 1978)BirthKaoru Sugayama, Japanese volleyball player
December 26th, 1976 (December 26 1976)BirthLea De Mae, Czech actress (died in 2004)
December 26th, 1975 (December 26 1975)BirthMarcelo Rios, Chilean tennis player
December 26th, 1974 (December 26 1974)BirthJosie Ho, Hong Kong singer and actor
December 26th, 1974 (December 26 1974)BirthJoshua John Miller, American actor
December 26th, 1973 (December 26 1973)BirthReichen Lehmkuhl, American television personality
December 26th, 1972 (December 26 1972)BirthEsteban Fuertes, Argentine footballer
December 26th, 1972 (December 26 1972)BirthRobert Muchamore, Children s Author
December 26th, 1971 (December 26 1971)BirthJared Leto, American actor and singer (30 Seconds to Mars)Jared Leto Quotes
December 26th, 1971 (December 26 1971)BirthJonathan M. Parisen, American film director
December 26th, 1971 (December 26 1971)BirthMika Nurmela, Finnish footballer
December 26th, 1970 (December 26 1970)BirthJames Mercer, musician (The Shins)
December 26th, 1970 (December 26 1970)BirthKrissada Terrence, Thai singer and actor
December 26th, 1968 (December 26 1968)BirthDennis Knight, American professional wrestler
December 26th, 1966 (December 26 1966)BirthSandra Taylor, American model and actress
December 26th, 1964 (December 26 1964)BirthElizabeth Kostova, American author
December 26th, 1963 (December 26 1963)BirthLars Ulrich, Danish-born drummer (Metallica)
December 26th, 1961 (December 26 1961)BirthJohn Lynch, Irish actor
December 26th, 1960 (December 26 1960)BirthTemuera Morrison, New Zealand actor
December 26th, 1959 (December 26 1959)BirthKoji Morimoto, Japanese animated film director
December 26th, 1958 (December 26 1958)BirthAdrian Newey, British engineer
December 26th, 1957 (December 26 1957)BirthDermot Murnaghan, British broadcaster
December 26th, 1956 (December 26 1956)BirthDavid Sedaris, American essayistDavid Sedaris Quotes
December 26th, 1955 (December 26 1955)BirthEvan Bayh, American politician
December 26th, 1954 (December 26 1954)BirthOzzie Smith, American baseball playerSeba Smith Quotes
December 26th, 1954 (December 26 1954)BirthSteve Steen, English actor
December 26th, 1953 (December 26 1953)BirthHenning Schmitz, German musician (Kraftwerk)
December 26th, 1953 (December 26 1953)BirthLeonel Fernandez, Dominican politician and current President of the Dominican Republic
December 26th, 1951 (December 26 1951)BirthRichard Skinner, British radio presenter
December 26th, 1949 (December 26 1949)BirthJose Ramos-Horta, President of East Timor, Nobel laureate
December 26th, 1948 (December 26 1948)BirthCandy Crowley, American journalist
December 26th, 1947 (December 26 1947)BirthCarlton Fisk, American baseball player
December 26th, 1947 (December 26 1947)BirthJames T. Conway, 34th Commandant of the United States Marine Corps
December 26th, 1945 (December 26 1945)BirthJohn Walsh, American talk show host
December 26th, 1944 (December 26 1944)BirthJane Lapotaire, British actress
December 26th, 1942 (December 26 1942)BirthMarco Vinicio Cerezo Arevalo, Guatemalan president
December 26th, 1942 (December 26 1942)BirthGray Davis, former Governor of California
December 26th, 1941 (December 26 1941)BirthDaniel Schmid, Swiss film director (died in 2006)
December 26th, 1940 (December 26 1940)BirthEdward C. Prescott, American economist, Nobel laureate
December 26th, 1940 (December 26 1940)BirthPhil Spector, American music producer
December 26th, 1940 (December 26 1940)BirthRay Sadecki, Major league baseball pitcher
December 26th, 1939 (December 26 1939)BirthFred Schepisi, Australian film director
December 26th, 1938 (December 26 1938)BirthBahram Beizai, Iranian playwright and film director
December 26th, 1938 (December 26 1938)BirthAlamgir Kabir, Bangladeshi film director (died in 1989) Kabir Quotes
December 26th, 1937 (December 26 1937)BirthJohn Horton Conway, British mathematician
December 26th, 1937 (December 26 1937)BirthJay Heimowitz, American poker player
December 26th, 1935 (December 26 1935)BirthAbdul "Duke" Fakir, American singer (The Four Tops)
December 26th, 1935 (December 26 1935)BirthNorm Ullman, Canadian hockey player
December 26th, 1933 (December 26 1933)BirthUgly Dave Gray, Australian television personality
December 26th, 1933 (December 26 1933)BirthCaroll Spinney, American puppeteer
December 26th, 1930 (December 26 1930)BirthDonald Moffat, English-born actor
December 26th, 1930 (December 26 1930)BirthJean Ferrat, French singer and songwriter
December 26th, 1929 (December 26 1929)BirthRegine, French singer and nightclub owner
December 26th, 1927 (December 26 1927)BirthAlan King, American comedian (died in 2004)
December 26th, 1927 (December 26 1927)BirthDenis Quilley, British actor (died in 2003)
December 26th, 1927 (December 26 1927)BirthStu Miller, baseball player
December 26th, 1924 (December 26 1924)BirthFrank Broyles, American athlete, long time athletic director of the University of Arkansas.
December 26th, 1922 (December 26 1922)BirthRichard Mayes, English actor (died in 2006)
December 26th, 1921 (December 26 1921)BirthSteve Allen, American comedian (died in 2000)Steve Allen Quotes
December 26th, 1918 (December 26 1918)BirthGeorge Rallis, Greek politician, Prime Minister of Greece (died in 2006)
December 26th, 1914 (December 26 1914)BirthRichard Widmark, American actor (died in 2008)
December 26th, 1914 (December 26 1914)BirthAnnemarie Wendl, German actress (died in 2006)
December 26th, 1913 (December 26 1913)BirthFrank Swift, English footballer and journalist (died in 1958)
December 26th, 1911 (December 26 1911)BirthArsenio Lacson, Filipino politician and sportswriter (died in 1962)
December 26th, 1906 (December 26 1906)BirthImperio Argentina, Argentine actress and singer (died in 2003)
December 26th, 1904 (December 26 1904)BirthAlejo Carpentier, Cuban writer (died in 1980)
December 26th, 1903 (December 26 1903)BirthElisha Cook Jr., American actor (died in 1995)
December 26th, 1902 (December 26 1902)BirthAnatoli Lvovich Kaplan, Russian painter (died in 1980)
December 26th, 1894 (December 26 1894)BirthJean Toomer, American writer (died in 1967)Jean Toomer Quotes
December 26th, 1893 (December 26 1893)BirthMao Zedong, Chinese military leader and politician (died in 1976) Mao Zedong Quotes
December 26th, 1891 (December 26 1891)BirthHenry Miller, American writer (died in 1980)Henry Miller Quotes
December 26th, 1890 (December 26 1890)BirthUncle Charlie Osborne, American fiddler (died in 1992)
December 26th, 1887 (December 26 1887)BirthArthur Ernest Percival, British Army officer (died in 1966)
December 26th, 1883 (December 26 1883)BirthMaurice Utrillo, French artist (died in 1955)
December 26th, 1873 (December 26 1873)BirthThomas Wass, English cricketer (died in 1953)
December 26th, 1872 (December 26 1872)BirthNorman Angell, British politician, Nobel laureate (died in 1967)Norman Angell Quotes
December 26th, 1859 (December 26 1859)BirthWilliam Stephens, U.S. political figure (died in 1944)
December 26th, 1853 (December 26 1853)BirthRene Bazin, French novelist (died in 1932)
December 26th, 1837 (December 26 1837)BirthGeorge Dewey, U. S. admiral (died in 1917)
December 26th, 1837 (December 26 1837)BirthMorgan Bulkeley, American politician and baseball commissioner (died in 1922)
December 26th, 1822 (December 26 1822)BirthDion Boucicault, Irish actor and playwright (died in 1890)
December 26th, 1819 (December 26 1819)BirthE. D. E. N. Southworth, American novelist (died in 1899)
December 26th, 1791 (December 26 1791)BirthCharles Babbage, English mathematician and inventor (died in 1871)Charles Babbage Quotes
December 26th, 1782 (December 26 1782)BirthFilaret Drozdov, Metropolitan of Moscow (died in 1867)
December 26th, 1780 (December 26 1780)BirthMary Fairfax Somerville, British mathematician (died in 1872)
December 26th, 1771 (December 26 1771)BirthJulie Clary, queen consort of Naples (died in 1845)
December 26th, 1751 (December 26 1751)BirthClement Hofbauer, Austrian missionary and saint (died in 1820)
December 26th, 1737 (December 26 1737)BirthPrince Josias of Coburg, Austrian general (died in 1815)
December 26th, 1723 (December 26 1723)BirthFriedrich Melchior, baron von Grimm, German writer (died in 1807)
December 26th, 1716 (December 26 1716)BirthThomas Gray, English writer (died in 1771)Thomas Gray Quotes
December 26th, 1716 (December 26 1716)BirthJean Francois de Saint-Lambert, French poet (died in 1803)
December 26th, 1687 (December 26 1687)BirthJohann Georg Pisendel, German musician (died in 1755)
December 26th, 1666 (December 26 1666)BirthGuru Gobind Singh, Tenth Guru of Sikhism (died in 1708)
December 26th, 1646 (December 26 1646)BirthRobert Bolling, English settler in Virginia (died in 1709)
December 26th, 1542 (December 26 1542)BirthTokugawa Ieyasu, unifier of Japan and first Tokugawa Shogun (died in 1616)
December 26th, 1536 (December 26 1536)BirthYi I, Korean Confucian scholar (died in 1584)
December 26th, 1532 (December 26 1532)BirthGuilielmus Xylander, German classical scholar (died in 1576)
December 26th, 1194 (December 26 1194)BirthFrederick II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1250)

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